The Apparatus: For Fun & Weirdness


9C4AE182-6C55-4415-BBCB-00D43C7BB747There are magic items and weapons you dream about being awarded or looting in Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes you never get them. But then, there are those rare moments when you do…

When I first got my DM’s guide (way back in late 2017, right? I know, noob) and discovered the Apparatus of Kwalish, I knew I wanted it. I wanted to work it into my story; I wanted to find one as a player.

A large, iron barrel resembling a lobster or crab is how the Apparatus is often described. It seems folks tend to fluctuate between envisioning it as a barrel with steampunk insectile legs or just a straight-up mechanical crustacean. Honestly, I can’t complain about either depiction. Both make for some cool looking miniatures and add spice to gameplay and roleplay.


In my current campaign where I play Cade, a half-orc barbarian/wizard, our DM early…

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