What I’ve Been Playing: February 2019 Edition


Mobile Musings

While February is a short month, it’s also an extremely busy time of the year for me. As I mentioned in my January post, due to my field of work, the first quarter of the year severely hampers my ability to play games. February is when my season hits its stride, so it’s probably the one month out of the year where I barely accomplish anything gaming-related (next to March). With that said, despite my reservations and general resistance to mobile gaming, I’ve found that playing certain games on my phone during my downtime at work is the only opportunity I have to even attempt to finish a game from my backlog. I’m also going to rate each mobile game based on how well suited they are for discreet work-play (please don’t tell my boss!). So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been playing!

MV_20190204_145333-1.jpg The first game’s only cinematic packs an unexpected emotional punch.

Monument Valley

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