Expectation vs Reality: The Game Announcement Struggle

Gamer Crash

I remember a time when games received almost no pre-release promotion. Just walking into a store, you’d see new stuff on the shelves or highlighted in magazines like Nintendo Power or GamePro. As technology advanced and social media exploded into the mainstream, trailers, events, and other pre-release hype have become the norm as companies try to one-up each other by announcing new content faster and sooner than in previous years.

But is this a good thing? Are we reaching a point where pre-release materials are creating unrealistic expectations for the end product?

Before I get going, I want to stop to take a moment to point you guys over to an article I read on Kotaku which served as the inspiration to what I’m about to discuss. The article takes a look at Anthem and how everything we saw 2+ years ago has changed over the course of development and…

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