Gaming Hardware for MMORPG Players


Gaming hardware has gotten better and better over the years. Practically everyone uses fancy gaming mechanical keyboards these days and while I don’t have too much preference for keyboards (I use the Das Keyboard Pro), I do have strong opinions on gaming mice. The ideal mouse to use depends on what kind of games you’re primarily playing. The best MMO gaming mouse isn’t the same as the best FPS or best general purpose gaming mouse.

I actually own two mice and they’re both plugged in at all times and I alternate depending on what I’m doing. I own a Razer Naga and I absolutely love it when I play MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV. The extra side buttons make it much easier when you’re constantly using over a dozen spells. While I prefer using keyboard controls for my most used spells in MMORPGs, I’m only ever…

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