Artificer Expanded Spell List


As a standard practice, class spell lists generally only select from the Player’s Handbook. Some also supplement with spells from the publication where the (sub)class appears. This places a limitation on classes that could be released after Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, since they technically won’t be able to tap into those spells.

Note: since writing this a couple weeks back, D&D Lead Rules Designer Jeremy Crawford has indicated that they will be releasing an expanded Artificer spell list. In that case, you may consider these my conservative predictions.

Current Spell List

If we examine the themes behind the existing spell list, we can develop a criteria for selecting spells to add to the expanded spell list. As we discussed in the Artificer teardown, the leveled spells have a heavy utility focus. Damage spells are generally limited to elemental cantrips or buffs to weapons or objects that thereafter…

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