DM Panic: Random NPCs 4

Ready To Role

Dungeon-MasterPicture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

It’s another DM Panic, and this time we’re giving you three different mob bosses!

I’ve left out some details such as race of two characters to make them easier to customize. Bugs, however, I decided should be a half-elf because of his family’s history and having a long life plays a role in shaping him. Depending on your taste, you can either present them to the party as mob bosses and then keep their nicknames secret, or you can make their professions known and have the secret be that they’re mob bosses. In either case I recommend all these characters be presented as charming, smooth talkers with high charisma.

In any campaign you could make these three as part of an allied hierarchy; Candlestick appealing to wealthy, Butcher appealing to lower class, and Baker appealing to the middle, and have them function as…

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