Game Changers: Exploring the History of Gaming

image5For most of the history of video games, the men and women behind your favorite games have been more or less anonymous. Unsung visionaries who, aside from their names in the credits, received little in the way of public recognition for their artistry and hard work. Most games would be credited to the developer or publisher who released the game, but few people knew the names of the individuals who were behind them. In more recent years, creators like Amy Hennig, Cory Barlog, and Neil Druckmann have become celebrities in the gaming community, but an exhibit now showing at the Science Museum of Minnesota wants to go a step further and introduce the rest of the world to the creators behind the games you play.

Showcasing the works of over 30 game designers and their teams, Game Changers is created and curated by the Australian Centre for the Moving…

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