Build the Perfect Magus – Master of Sword and Sorcery

Death By Mage

Whenever you envision fantasy, besides the fantastical monsters and harrowing villains, the heroes of such tales fight hordes of minions and adversaries while acquiring connections to ancient powers to defeat their foes. Many of these characters become expert swordsmen and even wield magic to a certain extent. In games such as Skyrim, the Dovahkiin can learn military weaponry and use uncanny magic. Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series learns signs to invoke the raw arcane forces of the world along with their swordplay to combat against dangerous creatures that roam it. Such warriors that wield sword and sorcery are often known as eldritch knights but are commonly known as a Magus.

Being a Magus – The Art of Sword & Spells

A powerful magus, Image by Wizards of the Coast

In most traditions, a prospective adventurer takes the active choice to develop their swordsmanship or their talents in the…

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