A Trick of the Tail

Return to House of Grouse

Well an excuse to refer to my favourite Genesis song and album this week with the pre-release of the Masterminds of Sharn expansion. Part of the reward of buying early is the extra character slot (I am now at 30 slots) and the ability to create characters from the new player race Tieflings. Also there is a level 15/30 permanent hireling Shield Guardian. It acts like a self healing fighter but shows as a wizard which as it is animated means it uses a repair spell to heal itself. I haven’t tried it with a warforged or an artificer to see if it will automatically heal others but I would assume so.

So I rolled up my first ever tiefling as I have pre-purchased the Sharn pack and it is strange watching a character with a tail. Although with a cloak on only the end of the tail shows. Deciding…

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