DDO: As Muck is my witness, I will never again do The Pit

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I sat down, sipped my hot tea, and prepared to blast through the remainder of House D quests. “No problemo!” I said to myself in ’90s style. “Just a few left to go. And what is this one… oh… oh my… OH NO…. NOOOOO!”

You see, I had forgotten The Pit.

Back in the hazy memories of an earlier era of playing DDO — perhaps pre-F2P, even — I joined a couple friends in running this quest. All I remember is a lot of muffled swear words on the mic, falling, falling, and plenty of death for all. We never finished it, and I swore that I wouldn’t return.

But now I was in a quandry, because I had made it my quixotic mission to complete all of the quests in DDO. I couldn’t have The Pit sit there as a black mark on my otherwise pristine list! And so…

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