Later Levels: one big oxymoron

Later Levels

In the middle of March, Matt from Normal Happenings kindly tagged Later Levels in one of his Daily Inkling posts. The regular series provides inspiration for all the bloggers out there to use as literary clay for moulding into whatever form they wish. This entry was titled ‘Personal Oxymoron’ and asked: “Based on your personality, what is something you would expect yourself to like, but just can’t seem to get into?”

I can respond to that question succinctly using only three words: Later Levels itself. But the answer is so much more than that and requires a little explanation. In certain respects this blog is a contradiction and therefore perhaps shouldn’t exist – maybe I’m putting the entire universe at risk simply by writing this – but I’m incredibly glad it does and that I’ve found my little space on the internet. What follows are some of the reasons why…

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