DDO: Enter the Necropolis

Bio Break

After being beaten up and bruised by The Pit, I was eager to put a cap on House D quests and move onward — but there was one little teensy quest left, and I figured I should do it before heading back to the marketplace to take a level. Unfortunately for me, the quest turned out to be an (ahem) EXTREME CHALLENGE DUNGEON called Spies in the House.

Every time I see “extreme challenge dungeon” mentioned in this game, I get nasty Mountain Dew commercial flashbacks from the ’90s. DO THE DEW! CRUSH THAT DUNGEON! WOO!

Anyway. I wasn’t too keen on taking this on, but I figured that if I survived the Pit and lived to tell the tale, I could do anything — including this. Onward I went! And boy, let me tell you, if you have a healthy appetite for both traps and platforming, this is…

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