The Vault of Tranquility

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Vault of Tranquility is the audience chamber and sanctuary of the Dwarven mummy Gheres-Nekheb Stormstone – one of the last remnants of the Lich Shogunate. Within these enchanted halls only the dwarven mummy’s voice can be heard above the level of a hoarse whisper… and old Stormstone rarely speaks louder than that himself.

From these secret halls, Gheres-Nekheb sends out spies and assassins to the lands of the living, keeping tabs on the ever changing politics and alliances where the Shogunate once ruled.

The Vault of Tranquility The Vault of Tranquility

Hidden in the stony outcrops of the Yalon Badlands and further concealed by illusions, the front door of the vault has been sealed and presumed unopened for over 700 years – however on rare occasion those contacted by agents of the mummy lord are invited to an audience and are escorted through the main entrance. It is said that the assassin Khoutef…

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