The Wooden Duck Coaching Inn

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Wooden Duck is a walled coaching inn nearly a day’s ride from Granitespire, about an hour outside of Prince’s Harbour. It has a small tavern but is mostly dedicated to 8 private and semi-private rooms and a large common room for travelers to stay overnight.

The Wooden Duck Inn The Wooden Duck Inn

The Wooden Duck is owned by a widower who moved here from Granitespire – he is eternally on edge because back in the city he killed a silver merchant and expects the monkeys of Granitespire to swarm down upon the Duck at any moment, even decades later.

The main bartender, Hemrus, is a particularly ugly halfling with spiky bright blond hair who wears tall platform shoes to look over the bar. He is energetic and quick, and yet quiet and surly in disposition. He earns tips for his prompt service, never for his pleasant demeanor.

The Wooden Duck Inn (no grid) The Wooden Duck Inn (no…

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