A Game Of You: An Experiment in Character Creation

Daniel Casey


It’s been nearly a year since I began my first campaign as a player. I’m lucky to have designed a character that persists (thus far) and while not a leader, he’s certainly a proud meatshield.

I had the luck to play in another version of the campaign my DM is running as a cameo of sorts. In the chat for that group one of the other players shared their ‘real life’ stats based on the quiz created by Kevin Haw

What I enjoy about this quiz is it allows for the taker to both idealize and underestimate themselves. Most of us would attempt to answer as honestly as possible but you never know. You may consider yourself stronger than you really are or smarter or charismatic. So it’s a fun diversion.

After re-taking the quiz, I decided to conduct a character-creation experiment. Using the stats generated, what version of…

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