Eastshade: picture perfect

Later Levels

What do you enjoy most about RPGs? For me, it’s the sense of exploration and discovery, not necessarily the RPG elements themselves. I played The Elder Scrolls Online for so long because I could just run in any direction and see what I could find: a villager who’ll reveal some local gossip, a hunter chasing a fox, a clifftop with a beautiful view. And I enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn not only due to the awesome Aloy, but also for its photo mode and hundreds of beautiful screenshots.

Perhaps the reason why I fell in love with Eastshade so quickly is because of this. Imagine playing a game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but with no combat; somewhere you can explore without fear of getting attacked by a wolf in the woods or troll in a cave, where there are secrets and interesting characters to discover, and…

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