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Tiefling Even

For the last few years, DDO friends have been asking me when I was going to TR Even. And my answer was usually along the lines of, “The past lives would be nice, but meh.”

It’s hard to jump on a TR train when you have a serious case of alt-itis (my main account has 24 toons on Thelanis alone). And I don’t play as much as I used to. And I didn’t want to screw her up. And I wanted to keep her at 30 because none of my other toons can handle reaper and legendary elite like she could.

And then we got tieflings. So when Mock said, “I’m going to TR. Who’s with me?” … yup. The temptation was too strong.  LOL

This is her fourth life, and she’s not done terribly. It is very strange not to have intim on her hotbar, and being a caster-y…

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