Episode 303: Why The Capcom Home Arcade Misses the Mark

3rd World Geeks


Wouldn’t you know it? I have been struggling for the past few days, figuring out what I should write about this week. I was going to go through my list of unfinished works and ideas that have been piling up over the years. Maybe there was something there I could use. But wouldn’t you know it? Capcom decided at the eleventh hour to reveal something rather ridiculous that I just had to give my thoughts on it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Capcom Home Arcade!

To tell you the truth, the Capcom Home Arcade isn’t a bad idea. In fact, the concept is almost genius, if you ask me! It’s essentially a sturdily build arcade sized board with two dedicated joysticks and buttons laid out in the very familiar six-button layout Capcom’s Street Fighter made famous. It comes bundled with classic arcade hits like Street Fighter…

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