The Beauty and Horror of Live Service Style Games

Gamer Crash

As a very rapidly growing trend for many games, the Live Service model has already seen a very busy 2019 and we’re only four and a half months into the year so far.

I mean, just on a basic level, look at all of this:

  • Destiny 2 continues to evolve and move forward following Bungie’s surprising split from Activision
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey keeps pumping out post-launch content
  • Borderlands 3 was officially revealed
  • We learned that Anthem’s development was a literal nightmare
  • The Division 2 proved that developers do listen and learn from the past.

While Live Service style games are not the end all be all way to create a game, 2019 has already shown us two examples of the right and wrong way to do it. It’s made me come to realize some key elements that need to be there in order for a game to be successful. Here…

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