Games that SHOULD BE on the Capcom Home Arcade



Retro systems: how many of us have them? I got friends, so… I’ll start.

Over the years, we have been introduced to several ways of resuscitating our youth through various outlets. Gaming now seems to become one of them. The ways presented are numerous for electronic entertainment. Indie developers decide to create fads, from adding to the franchises of yesteryear, with the creation of demake titles that pay homage to them. While at best, producing a subgenre for their rivals to imitate, developers produce ideas to rekindle the magic of the times past. Some relatively amazing (Celeste), while others literally nowhere close. Legends of the earlier stages of electronic entertainment attempt another shot of glory, through the means of Kickstarter and a dream, to undermine the legalities of their former masters. Bloodstained is to Castlevania as Mighty Number 9 attempted to be to Mega Man, as Hyper Turbo shadows Outrun…

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