Temple Crypts of the Wraith Priests

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Beneath the walls of the roofless ancient structure of l’Église de l’Oubli are the Temple Crypts, still tended to by the Wraith Priests of the order.

Hidden behind massive ghost-iron masks, the wraith priests float nearly silently through the temple crypts guarding sacred relics that were stolen long ago and muttering prayers to the silent gods of this place. They watch the small side stairs into the crypts but avoid the larger (main) stairs because sun still shines down this way, reminding them of the times when the church was whole and they could walk in the sun.

Temple Crypts of the Wraith Priests Temple Crypts of the Wraith Priests

These underground structures are a mix of natural caves and worked stone and include an underground spring that once provided the water for the church. The waters of this spring are said to have a number of effects, and those standing in the waters or consuming…

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