All revved up and ready to ride – mounts as animal companions

Roll Knowledge

C: So, earlier today you said to me, ‘Gee, Calder, right now in D&D there are familiars and animal companions, and there’s also mounts, which are a specific type of animal companion. And oh boy, are mounts getting a rough deal.’ Do you want to expand on that a little bit?

A: Yes—and can I just say, I think you captured my voice perfectly.

C: Thank you.

A: So this is a two-parter. Firstly, mounts which you acquire as an animal associate, as it were, through being a Cavalier, or through selecting an animal you can ride as your Druid or Ranger companion, need to be significantly better than an ordinary horse.

C: Right.

A: Like, if you’ve sacrificed a whole level into a particular class in order to get a mount, it should be better than any old horse you buy.

C: Okay. And we should say, when you…

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