Month: April 2019

Cat people in MMOs

Originally posted on Bio Break:
I am not a cat person. If you have to place me in a category, whatever is opposite of “cat person” is where you should assign my fate. Cats have never fascinated me or drawn drooling “awwws” from my lips or inspired me to write…

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Spring break

Originally posted on GamingSF:
I’m back from a wonderful holiday and have settled rather too quickly back into reality / routine. Spring is in the air although the cheer among colleagues about the ‘warmth in the air’ rings hollow when you’ve come back from somewhere in full tropical summer to…

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Fresh starts

Originally posted on Even Now:
For the last few years, DDO friends have been asking me when I was going to TR Even. And my answer was usually along the lines of, “The past lives would be nice, but meh.” It’s hard to jump on a TR train when you…

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