Retro Reprise Episode 18: Obscure Genesis games

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Fans of retro video game music have heard all of the same classics over and over again, which is why in today’s episode of Retro Reprise, Chaos Constant and Syp dip into the more unknown titles of the Sega Genesis library for tunes that you may have overlooked! From the tense atmosphere of Warsong to the futuristic music of Pulseman, this show might have your new favorite track waiting to be discovered.

Retro Reprise Episode 18: Obscure Genesis Games (show page, direct download)

  • Intro
  • “Kingdom Knight” from Warsong
  • “Soltype” from Alien Soldier
  • “Wily Stage 1” from Mega Man: The Wily Wars
  • “An Old Sad Dance” from King Colossus
  • “Neo Tokyo” from Pulseman
  • “Stereo Protect” from Pulseman
  • “Splash Down!!” from Ristar
  • “Midnight Greenhouse” from Knuckles Chaotix
  • Outro

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A Trick of the Tail

Return to House of Grouse

Well an excuse to refer to my favourite Genesis song and album this week with the pre-release of the Masterminds of Sharn expansion. Part of the reward of buying early is the extra character slot (I am now at 30 slots) and the ability to create characters from the new player race Tieflings. Also there is a level 15/30 permanent hireling Shield Guardian. It acts like a self healing fighter but shows as a wizard which as it is animated means it uses a repair spell to heal itself. I haven’t tried it with a warforged or an artificer to see if it will automatically heal others but I would assume so.

So I rolled up my first ever tiefling as I have pre-purchased the Sharn pack and it is strange watching a character with a tail. Although with a cloak on only the end of the tail shows. Deciding…

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D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 1

Michael Jasper

Here’s the second of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder:

Storm King's Thunder

Here’s the party (we’re already at Session 3, so everyone has leveled up from Level 1 in this image):


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Syp’s gaming goals for April 2019

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March 2019 in review

  • Pretty productive month in terms of gaming, although I didn’t branch out much when it came to MMOs. Primarily, I jumped back into LOTRO hard for the progression server Moria unlock and got in a lot of single-player DDO action as I went through House D and the Necropolis. Many quests and victories were won, and I got to level 54 on LOTRO and level 13 on DDO.
  • I did try out a couple of MMOs for the Try-It Tuesday series, the soon-to-be cancelled Survived By and Eldevin. For the series I also poked into Subnautica and Commander Keen.
  • Curiosity drove me to look into Torchlight Frontiers’ alpha test, which I generally found very solid and engaging. Made me excited about the full product.
  • My retro gaming series took me through the entirety of Secret of Monkey Island and into its sequel, LeChuck’s Revenge

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Now Arriving: Games of April 2019

Gamer Crash

This isn’t an April Fool’s joke everyone! It’s been a good and busy first few months of 2019 and April is going to deliver even more. As I do every month, we’re taking a closer look at all of the major games coming this month. Make sure to hit the jump to see the full list below.

The biggest name this month comes from NetherRealm Studios and the legendary Mortal Kombat franchise. We’ve been getting new details and trailers for weeks now and it’s finally time to go hands-on with Mortal Kombat 11. Featuring impressive graphics, a mix of new and old characters, and an interesting story that incorporates time travelling, Mortal Kombat 11 is likely going to be the best entry in the long-running series.

Not a fan of the violence and gore? Days Gone, one of Sony’s first-party exclusives for the PlayStation 4, finally launches this…

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Static group running reaper in Vale

Micki's Delirium


Then it was time to start flagging for heroic Shroud. We started with a R1 Running with the Devils and after a successful and quite easy run of that one, we headed to The Coalescence Chamber. Ruff, who was running it for the first time suggested we run it R3, which is a difficulty that has been giving us a challenge, but is still doable. I told him he’d regret it, but said sure and we entered on R3.

Coal chamber is long and at level 18 it used to take me about 45 minutes to guide a pug through it elite. This run I had died so much my gear started to break before we even reached the first key. I normally park Jarvanna at the quest entrance and bring her into play only when everyone else has died – this happened a lot more this run and…

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Schrödinger’s Orcs


This is my dirtiest DM secret:

I don’t fudge dice. I fudge entire monsters.

They don’t have an Armor Class (AC) until they’re hit. They don’t have Hit Points (HP) until they take damage. They don’t have weapons until they deal damage.


When you throw a horde of orcs at a party, it’s tough to tell how the tide of battle will flow. A failed saving throw or a critical hit can quickly send the party into a death spiral. On the other hand, a high damage roll on an area of effect (AoE) spell or an item you forgot the party had can quickly make your climactic battle fall flat.

Curb this uncertainty by putting the monster AC, HP, and weapons into a superposition before battle. Only narrow the possibilities as necessary.

The key is having the flexibility to manage your encounter, while keeping things realistic. Don’t just…

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Esports to be Large and In Charge in New Fusion Arena


Will fans of esports will soon be traveling in droves to the east coast of the United States to see their favorite teams in action? It’s possible! Earlier this week, plans for a new esports arena, touted as the largest such complex in the Western hemisphere, were unveiled by Comcast Spectator and The Cordish Companies, a real estate developer.  With the experience of marketing professional sports teams and live events under its belt, Comcast Spectacor seems primed and ready to give esports this permanent and dedicated fixture. The Fusion Arena, which will be built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will serve as the primary showcase for the Philadelphia Fusion, the city’s Overwatch League. The arena’s developers note that the space will also serve as a “premiere destination for competitive gaming events,…[and] will also host a variety of live entertainment programming and experiences.” With several thousand square feet of entertainment space, including…

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