Not getting it: video games, sex and bad research

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Last month while on my commute to work one morning, I came across a post on the GameByte website by Lara Jackson entitled Video Games Are Why Young Men Aren’t Having Sex Any More, Says Professor. It explained how a professor of psychology gave several reasons for a decline in sexual activity over the past few years, with one being targeted at our hobby.

It reminded me of a paper called Leisure Luxuries and the Labor Supply of Young Men by Professor Erik Hurst issued in June 2017, in which he and his colleagues believed that video games were responsible for reducing the amount of work completed by males aged 21 to 30 by 15 to 30 hours each year since 2004. This was something I disputed in a post the following month because citing gaming as the root of wider economic problems felt biased and reductive.

Each time…

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