Live service games: “But it’s good now!”

Later Levels

An unpolished title, lack of end-game content, frequent patching and negative press: a recent trend in video games from the biggest publishers in the industry. “But it’s good now!” is the cry from gamers who have dedicated themselves to an arguably unfinished game for months, while developers have rushed to fix the issues and deliver promised content. This is the curse of games as a service (GaaS), which is designed to continuously monetise games long after the initial purchase.

We have reached what I see as the third version of the live service model, where the first originated with subscription-based MMOs like World of Warcraft. The introduction of smartphone apps moved us into version two with free-to-play games supported by microtransactions such as Candy Crush, and the MOBA craze on PC gave us League of Legends and Dota 2. Version three has been adopted recently by triple-A…

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