Black Armoury of the Mad King

Dyson's Dodecahedron

A small dungeon or sublevel of another dungeon, the Black Armoury is where the Mad King sealed away the Weapon after using it once in the Battle of Zayhr Mountain. The guardians of the weapon are trapped here in eternal vigilance – their own life force replaced with the energies of the Weapon itself.

Black Armoury of the Mad King Black Armoury of the Mad King

The structure itself is a multi-tiered affair with stairs up and down to various sections, and a high ceilinged chamber with rough natural cliffs and ledges has an overlook that leads back to the upper hall of the armoury.

Linking the various levels and sections together is a small secret chamber – home to the Mad King’s advisor and assassin who is the elder among the Weapon’s guardians.


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