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Why do we only use one side of the DM screen?

As a DM, you have enough to manage at the table. DMs often lament players who are not prepared for their turn. Yet, we do not afford players the same luxuries we experience as a DM. At most tables, there’s a handy multi-page reference material sitting right in front of the DM. Yet, instead of dressing the other side with information that’s useful to the player, we give them a pretty picture.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love a pretty picture. But it’s something I’d readily sacrifice to rid myself of the exercise of running a new player through a list of possible actions their character can take. That’s why I made a player’s side to my DM screen:

Player ScreenClick Here to Get the Player Screen via the DM’s Guild

This player-side DM screen supplement provides an easy at-a-glance reference…

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