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It’s often said that cheaters never prosper, or the only person you cheat is yourself, and in the real world I generally hope this is the case, despite various political shitshows. But in the world of games is it such a crime?

If so then let those without sin cast the first joypad!

I’ve most certainly cheated at games, have I prospered? Well, it depends on your definition of prosper. My favourite cheat was the Sims “klapaucius” code which got me 1,000 precious Simoleans each time I used it. I had been playing the game by the book until a friend let me in on this sublime bit of hackery and it opened up a whole new world of often hilarious, mostly twisted possibilities.

Sims 1

This cheat meant I could create ludicrously baller mansions and let my architecture and interior design fantasies run wild. Unfortunately most of my families descended into…

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