Marking 12 years of Lord of the Rings Online

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Seriously, has it REALLY been 12 years since Lord of the Rings Online first released? I’d only been married two years and didn’t even have a single kid or a house when that took place. I remember being won over to the idea through a game magazine that sold the idea of a “low magic fantasy MMO” that accentuated a more realistic feel than the current high fantasy titles on the market. One beta test later, and I was hooked.

And now here we are, 12 years later, and I’m still very much infatuated with this virtual Middle-earth. I’ve been looking forward to the anniversary celebration quite a lot, mostly to go back through the scavenger hunt on my progression server toon and grab some cosmetics/pets that way. But first — my Lore-master.

I guess I failed somehow to complete the Year 11 quest (I really don’t remember what happened)…

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