Heroes Are Hard To Find

Return to House of Grouse

Fleetwood Mac, been listening to them all morning and this seemed sort of appropriate mainly because I have been running Redwillows Ruin a lot, Simply because of the number of treasure chest and it being mimic season.

If you haven’t play it enough to memorise it then the fact on average there are seven chests per run. Six that will always be there and always at least one bonus chest. If you play it without a rogue or artificer then the chest in the cave where spiders come out when you open it becomes very difficult.  Because of the number of chests in the 16 minutes it takes to run (for me as a melee) it becomes a go to in mimic season.

In the last run by my dagger cleric only 2 out of 7 chests, however it is easy to go back to and grind over the days…

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