Episode 306: Sonic the Hedgehog is Going to be a Step Back for Video Game Movies

3rd World Geeks


I like movies. I watch a lot of them. But I also like video
games. I both like playing as well as watching others play them. Since you’re
on this site, there’s a good chance you like those two things as well. So, if
you’re like me, I bet you’ve been very disappointed with movie adaptations of
video game properties. It just seems like the folks making films don’t get why
video games are entertaining as they like to make so many unnecessary changes
to the plots.

It almost seems like it’s mandated that they have to overcomplicate the plots found in video games. Is it really so hard to make a slow paced horror film where a group of policemen and women are trapped in a mansion and they have to face a horde of zombies? Why did they have to make the Resident Evil franchise some weird…

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