Dungeon Geomorphs & Dice!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Dungeonmorph Dice & New Geomorphs

We have crossed that Kickstarter funding line, and the newest set of DungeonMorph Dice will become real! With only a week left on the 2019 DungeonMorph Dice Kickstarter, I figure I had better get some more designs out there so you can see what some of these awesome dice will look like!

2019 Inkwell Geomorphs Set 3 2019 Inkwell Geomorphs Set 3

There are a total of 15 dice in this set, which means 90 different geomorph designs to fill them all. Here are four designs for the various cavern dice in the set (clockwise from upper left)

  • A big honking cavern with a bit of a multilevel design to it.
  • A set of caves that have been partially reworked into “dungeons”.
  • Multi-tiered caves with overlooks, natural stairs, and a bridge spanning over one section.
  • A dungeon / cavern interface in the form of what is probably a shrine or temple, worked at one…

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