An Epic Debate: Ben’s argument

Later Levels

The popularity of Fortnite has been transformative for Epic Games. But with huge success has come rivalry with Valve, gamers unhappy with exclusivity deals, rumours of stressful working conditions and many unanswered questions. Later Levels has joined forces with Dan from for An Epic Debate, in which we’ll be giving our opinions and thoughts on the company over the coming week.

It’s one of those things in blogging that whenever I feel I’m about to go against the tide of public opinion, I need to clarify my position. I was asked if I supported what Epic Games are doing with their store in securing exclusivity for certain releases. Actually I don’t care – it doesn’t impact me as a console gamer – but I support the principle of what they’re doing because I believe strongly in competition.

Let me be clear though, this is not a post…

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