Letter To Isabel From Rava Kilafin

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Letter to Isabella from her most steadfast attendant, Rava Kilafin.

Gracious Sister of Blood,

I have done as you asked, dispatching the uprisen troubles of Blacklake. I did not require an extra hand, so I am sending you the requisite funds back and are to be found in this dispatch.

Because I know you relish the red talk as much as I do, I will—if you approve—include descriptions in every letter. And then when we finally unite when the burley is done, you will know what type of sister you have in this drow upstart.
As to the Blacklake problems, they all focused on the attempt to arrest power from the quivering Neverwinter castle. Violent human gangs and power never seem to stabilize, and now they will definitely never do so.

When I took down the “mighty” Karsov, I caught him off guard by wading through the watery underground trenches…

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