In The 90’s: Where Are They Now?

image5The concept of the video game mascot is not as prevalent as it once was, but in the 90’s you couldn’t throw a rock at an Electronics Boutique without hitting some sassy cartoon animal with attitude. While several of these beloved characters have managed to survive the decades since (Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot), many more have been long forgotten and lost to gaming history. But what ever happen to them? We thought we’d take a look back at some of the greatest, weirdest, and most memorable video game mascots of the 90’s. Where are they now? What have they been doing all of this time? Will we ever see them again? Buckle up buttercup, this one’s a doozy.


Bonk’s Adventure (1990)

Bonk was one of the early attempts to become the next big mascot, debuting on the beloved (but not very popular) TurboGrafx-16 console. A prehistoric caveboy…

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