Geomorphic Halls – Level 2

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Draft of the upcoming Level 3

We are in the last 9 hours of the DungeonMorph Dice kickstarter – so perfect timing to release level two of the Geomorphic Halls!

Geomorphic Halls level 2 Geomorphic Halls level 2

This one takes a cluster of 4 geomorphs as the heart of the level. Since so many geomorphs interconnected can result in a lot of unreachable areas, there are two different staircases down from this level to level 3 (so one should be accessible), and if all else fails, there’s still that one staircase down from level 1 that bypasses level 2 completely.

I love the various configurations and neat rooms that are available for the structure thanks to the thousand+ geomorphs out there now that use this 10 x 10 design – but I also made sure to include some sections in the level that will be memorable on their own (particularly the great hall…

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