Artificer Survey Results


Shortly after the release of The Artificer Returns, we ran a survey asking D&D fans some more general design questions than you get from the typical Unearthed Arcana survey. Here’s the results!

Design Questions

We asked some top-level design questions based on some common topics that arose in Artificer discussions.

Artificer Subclass Level

The Artificer’s flavor is driven by its tool proficiencies, since it uses them to cast spells and interact with the subclass features. Yet, the Artificer’s subclass (and therefore main proficiencies) come online at level 3. This causes an incongruity between the flavor and the design for the first two levels. Mechanically, since the Artificer gets a skill proficiency at level 3 via its subclass, it’s a potential trap feature.

One way to remediate these issues is to accelerate the subclass to level 1.

Artificer Survey - Subclass Level

There’s pretty solid support (40%) behind accelerating the subclasses to level 1…

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