Ilyania’s Letter to Isabella Wolgoth

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Most Revered Lady,

I know not what strings led me here after my unfortunate death back on Britannia.  It wounds the mind to think that I have been in Neverwinter before you left Britannia, even as I found your letter of exit. My old studies in magic do not cover dimensional travel, and so my mind is empty of reasons.

Reincarnated from Ilyana to Ilyania with no knowledge of the former, I grew up as the daughter of two Neverwinter stage magicians. O strumpet fortune! To bear the bags of two rabbit summoning minstrels the is humiliation of a life time. But by my best count, I have been in Neverwinter for twenty years, and you…I surmise a year.

An awakening occurred five years ago when I heard your voice in my dreams, and then the memories of my old life came trickling back, until like a river patiently waiting…

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