For Some Reason, Super Mario Maker 2 is Really Exciting


Despite having been a gamer for about 24 years now (holy cow!), I still can’t say for certain which games will pique my interest and which won’t. I know what genres gravitate towards, features I tend to value, roles I like to play and content I like to avoid. That should be enough to know exactly what I like, but I suppose not. For example, I don’t particularly care for games that focus on creating your own stuff. I’m not really all that interested in building my own cities, levels, stories and so on. I’d much rather just play around with what the professionals create, you know? So with that in mind, I really should care less about the release of Super Mario Maker 2, since it’s whole shtick is creating your own stuff. Except…I’m thinking that way at all. Super Mario Maker 2 is actually really exciting!

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