25 Urban City Adventure Seeds

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207090_1162215133_origArtist: lingxiang1982

Here we are with yet another Adventure Seeds, likely the last of the year! We head back to the city, but this time rather than focus on a city specific to a race or location, I picked events that could happen in a large, sprawling city, filled with people of different races, backgrounds, and walks of life.

The challenge for me here was not having a crutch such as “pick something that dwarves would do”, as well as trying to figure out more civil type adventures and conflicts. It was a fun challenge and a good stretch of my muscles as I plan to resume my campaign at the start of the new year. As usual, there are some assumptions I made about the city that you should be able to easily change as you wish:

  • There is a royal family, that acts more as a figure head than…

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