25 Jungle Ruins Adventure Seeds

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jungle_ruins_normalPicture Credit: Volkan Kacar

First adventure seeds of the year bring us to the jungle, specifically a jungle with plenty of humid, swampy areas and some extensive ruins of a long-lost civilization. I wanted something that was both wild and had a hint of civilization, and thought this setting would allow me to explore that juxtaposition, however heavily it favors the wild.

This, per usual, ended up being a bit of a challenge for me after the first few. You’ll notice some of these are inherently similar to one another which is the opposite problem of what I expected since I had the luxury of having civilization and the wild at my disposal. The issues arose from the jungle itself- much like the Frozen Tundra seeds I did, after a bit there’s only so much you can really do there without treading the same ground. That said, I did try…

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