The Inquisitorial Procedure

Return to House of Grouse

Todays title comes from the introductory track on Axel Rudi Pells album Into the Storm, it was going to be Monty Python but rock is more my mood today. So the Masterminds of Sharn expansion is here but I have no idea of the wilderness or quests yet. However I have focused on the Inquisitor universal enhancement tree. Which is strange as I tried to find it as soon as I had access but hadn’t realised it could be dropped down and selected from another universal tree. The other thing that seems buggy is that to utilise it I had to accept it with a single point spent before I could fill up the rest of it. Not sure if this is working as intended or just trying to drive me nuts.

Now this is a very different feel to the other Universal enhancements which is great as it adds…

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