25 Mountain Pass Adventure Seeds

Ready To Role

mountain_pass_by_sabin_boykinov-d5fgno9Picture Credit: sabin-boykinov

This installment of Adventure Seeds brings us through a winding mountain pass that sees a lot of traffic among merchants and travelers. I wanted another “on the road” set of seeds that could be placed anywhere and shift between pockets of civilized company and untamed wilderness.

As I continue to work on non-civilized seeds, like last year’s Frozen Wastes, I continue to find it easier to write them. The setting of a mountain pass is great as it contains different layers that I can play with. You have the lower levels, likely temperate and full of easy trails. You can go up a bit with howling winds, winding roads, and dangerous tunnels. And then you have the very top, where icy winds whip across your face, visibility is limited, and unknown monsters have all the advantage they could ask for. But while this is my vision, you…

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