25 Wizard Tower Adventure Seeds

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d45196c4c2a064d96c489f51ee2fb28b-d5dc09jPicture Credit: fractal2cry

We’re back with more Adventure Seeds, and today we take a trip to the wizard’s tower outside of town! I wanted to challenge myself yet again by using a very narrow geographic area that is also highly specialized. Needless to say, a challenge it was!

A lot of these started out as ideas that could be encounters or traps within the tower, and I reverse-engineered them to come up with a more general seed to use. Of course, this worked better for some more than others, so some of these seeds may be a bit more direct in their direction than seeds in previous installments. Still, it was fun writing these, and I look forward to writing the next set! Anyway, here are all the assumptions I made when writing these:

  • The tower is a single structure, potentially with a shed or other small outdoor building…

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