Retro Gaming Memories – My First Computer: Amstrad CPC 464 [Editorial]

Two Beard Gaming


Do you remember your first computer or games console? I do. I won’t try to surprise you with what it was, because quite honestly, the answer is in the title of this piece, and I’m fairly certain you’ve clicked on it because you too were an Amstrad kid.

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I got my Amstrad CPC 464 with full-colour monitor for Christmas, but I remember how excited I was to see this monolith sized piece of tech in the corner of our dining room after opening all of my other presents. I recall how my parents had hidden it under a sheet, and I’d noticed – because how could you not? Amstrad’s were MASSIVE – but I had no clue just what they were hiding.

Once the surprise was unveiled I stood in awe at my very first computer. I’d never owned a single…

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