25 Lawless City Adventure Seeds

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hugo-puzzuoli-darkslum-hpuzzuoli-mediumsizePicture Credit: Hugo Puzzuoli

A twist on a previous set, today’s Adventure Seeds take place in a Lawless City! Gone are the guards and the only law is don’t get caught!

As usual, I had a blast challenging myself with another setting. In many ways the seeds I came up with felt familiar; city settings give you a sense of comfort, after all. All adventures within do not need to involve combat so much as roleplay and mysteries. However, that changes a bit when you throw out the laws. They can and will involve combat and subterfuge where diplomacy and lending aid once were.

Plenty of assumptions this time, so buckle up:

  • The city is “ruled” by a Bandit King/Queen, who are simply the most powerful figure in the city that can keep their detractors at bay,
  • The only law is don’t get caught; if you do you’re at…

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