Speak Your Secrets


“How does your character know that?”

Metagaming is one issue we encounter in tabletop RPGs. Players have their characters act on player knowledge that their character does not possess. A DM’s defense against this is to gently remind the player to act within the confines of character knowledge.

This can lead to an overcorrection where every time a single PC finds out information, the other players ask “do you tell us that?” Any time a strange routine like this becomes habitual, we should explore streamlining the process.

I’ve got a proposal for doing just that. It’s called Speak Your Secrets. Here’s how it works:

Speak Your Secrets

The Rule: When one player gets details from the DM, it’s assumed that they tell the other party members. If the player wants to keep some of that information secret, they have to tell the DM out loud.

This accomplishes a few…

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