25 Enchanted Forest Adventure Seeds

Ready To Role

enchanted-forest-steve-robertsPicture Credit: Steve Roberts

Today is a good day, because there’s more Adventure Seeds for us to enjoy! This week takes us into, around, and through an Enchanted Forest!

I really enjoyed writing this set of seeds, but I did notice something upon completion; even though I wrote these with an enchanted forest in mind, they could easily work as odd or uncharacteristic happenings in any normal forest, jungle, or wooded area with little to no tweaking. Alternatively, place the Wood Elf City in the Enchanted Forest and you have 50 adventures just waiting to be ran!

Not so many assumptions this time around, other than:

  • The forest has some innate magic flowing through it,
  • Different magical creatureslive in the forest, mostly in harmony,
  • And there is some form of civilization not too far from the forest that occasionally interacts with the inhabitants of the forest.

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