25 Witch’s Swamp Adventure Seeds

Ready To Role

decaying_house_by_matchack-d5ppv23Picture Credit: Matchack

We have yet another set of Adventure Seeds here today! It’s time to get spooky as we head into a Witch’s Swamp, where all kinds of creepy stuff happens.

I got off to a slow start with this set, but eventually found a good stride coming up with ideas. We see a few variations of common themes but also some original ideas as well for good measure and to surprise your players with. And a lot of these work in a swamp or a spooky forest, so feel free to place them where you see fit!

Some quick assumptions about the swamp that I had in mind, but as always they can be easily changed:

  • The swamp has a decent amount of trees that block vision,
  • A lot of the ground is a bog that makes running difficult,
  • A town or village is close by, either on…

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